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Remote Desktop for Windows

SCSSE & SISAT and Faculty office staff can access their office desktop from home using this procedure.


- SSH access to wraith.cs.uow.edu.au,
- Email username and password,
- Windows username and password,
- A member of the "Remote Desktop Users" or "Administrators" localgroup on your desktop computer,
- Know the name of your desktop computer, and
- A high speed internet connection, i.e. ADSL

Identifying the Name of Your Office Computer

Log on to your office desktop computer and watch the first part of this video. Basically:
- Start -> Right click "My Computer" -> select "Properties" -> select the "Computer Name" tab, then look for the "Full computer name."

Am I a member of the appropriate local groups?

All academic staff are a member of the local administrators group on their desktop only, and thus are able to remote desktop to their machine.

Admin staff need to be a member of the "Remote Desktop Users" before remote desktop is possible. Here's how you can tell,
- Start -> run -> Type:cmd -> OK
- In the black window at the prompt type the following, then press Enter:
net localgroup "Remote Desktop Users"

In the members output your username will be listed if you are a member of the Remote Desktop Users group.

How to Remote Desktop from Home

Simply download the Windows Remote Desktop Kit (requires your Windows Desktop username and password, same credentials required for Windows computer labs). View this video tutorial for a demo. Note: When asked for your "Office machine name:" you can use either its IP address (130.130.xx.xx) or Computer name (pcHHXX).

Testing it before you go home

To test whether remote desktop access will work for you before you go home, try it in one of the windows labs in Building 3 or Building 17.


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