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Printers are automatically added as you log on to INFORMATICS. If you need to add an additional printer manually see the following instructions.

Adding a Printer in Windows

Example: Adding the HP4200 printer in Building 3 Room 1S4 (Bld3 Rm1S4)
Watch this video tutorial on how to add a printer.

Building 3 - Level 1
\\perif\Bld3 Rm1S4 HP4200 PCL6
\\perif\Bld3 Rm1S4 HP4200 PS
\\perif\Bld3 Rm1S4 RICOH1035

Building 3 - Level 2
\\perif\Bld3 Rm2S3 HP4200 PCL6
\\perif\Bld3 Rm2S3 HP4200 PS
\\perif\Bld3 Rm2S3 RICOH1035
\\perif\Bld3 Rm237 HP2200 PCL6
\\perif\Bld3 Rm222 HP2200 PCL6 (admin staff only)

Building 39 - Level 1 West
\\perif\Bld39 Rm150b HP2200 PCL6

Building 39 - Level 2

\\perif\Bld39 Rm2S3 HP2100 PCL6
\\perif\Bld39 Rm2S3 RICOH1027

Adding a Printer in Ubuntu

Example: Adding the HP4200 printer in Building 3 Room 1S4 (Bld3 Rm1S4)
Watch this video tutorial on how to add a printer.

Trouble Printing from Windows
  1. You will not be able to print if your password has expired. This can occur unknowingly if you have not logged off your machine for more than a week. Change your password (Ctrl+Alt+Del select "Change Password", log off then log on.). Try printing.
  2. Printer is out of paper.
  3. Printer has a paper jam.
  4. The date and time on your computer does not match that of the print server. Double click the Time (bottom right of screen), and set the correct date and time.
  5. Ricoh printers need to be online mode before you can print. To check this, go to the ricoh printer, press the "Printer" button, then on the LCD press the "Online" button.
  6. Print server is down.
  7. Still can't print see the friendly IT support staff.
Available Printers

All staff desktops have access to the printers avaliable in the buildings printing room. Here is a list of printers and the building they are associated with.

Printer Location/Model
Subnet 64: SITACS Staff
3.1S4/Ricoh 1035
3.2S3/Ricoh 1035
3.222/HP 2100tn (Admin staff only)
3.1S4/HP 4200dn
3.2S3/HP 4200dn
3.238/HP 2100tn
Subnet 109: Building 39
39.2S3/HP 2100tn
39.Utility/Ricoh 1027
39.150b/HP 2200dtn
39.11/HP 2100tn(JSeberry)
39.153/HP 2200dtn
39.151/HP 2200dtn
Subnet 173: Informatics Faculty Office
3.120 HP2500n (faculty office only)
3.120/Ricoh 1035
3.1S4/HP 4100tn

Please contact your local support staff if your have trouble configuring a printer.

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