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Multimedia Lab Users Guide

Some MacOS facts to start with

Users new to the Mac should be aware of the following:
  • The Mac equivilant of the Windows Program Manager is called Finder. This is the app used to manipulate files.
  • MacOS X is essentially a UNIX distribution, which means you have a home directory accessible by pressing Apple - Shift - H or using the Go menu. A UNIX command line is also available through the Terminal Application if you prefer this approach.
An important note about USB and firewire drives.

You are welcome to use a USB or firewire drive. Just plug it in (carefully) and it will mount. FAT (not FAT32), HFS, HFS+ and UFS file systems can be mounted. Do NOT just remove the drive from the computer. Select it and press Apple - E or right click it and select Eject to unmount the volume first. Failure to do this results in an annoying error but more importantly if you do this with a firewire drive there is a risk you could fry the motherboard of the machine, your drive, or both. This makes systems administration staff Very Annoyed. Students who need their USB or firewire drive formatted for Mac (or FAT formatted for cross platform use) can bring their drive to 3.238.

Logging in

Users should log in using their INFORMATICS user name and password used in other SITACS / SMAS teaching labs. Please refer to the signage in the lab for more information on password complexity and expiry etc.

What applications are available and where?
A link to every application available in the lab is in the Favorites folder, available as a shortcut at the left of every Finder window.
Where to put your work

Like other faculty teaching labs, you can put data in your home directory or on your desktop, but it will be removed next time a student or staff member logs in. If you log out by mistake a member of the faculty's systems administration staff can be contacted in room 3.238 to rescue your data. The data can only be rescued before someone else logs in however.

Data stored in /Users/Shared will remain on the local machine until deleted on Monday each week.

Data stored in your folder for a particular subject on the multimedia server (see below) will remain safe until after the exam period for the subject, at which time data will be deleted.

Every machine in the lab has a Super drive. Toast Titanium is the CD burning software installed.

Connecting to the multimedia server

The multimedia server is where you should put all data you wish to be kept safe until the end of session. Don't work directly from the server though as this will cause a massive amount of traffic, and users who use digital video in particular will suffer a HUGE performance hit. Instead: connect to the server and copy any files you wish to work on to your desktop or to /Users/Shared, then copy things back to the server when you're finished. There is no disk quota enforced, just a massive amount of space. Systems administration staff will monitor usage and contact students using space irresponsibly. Irresponsible use of space includes storing excessive or inappropriate material. As multimedia subjects are taught in this lab storage of music and video materials is not discouraged, but users are reminded that storage of copyright material is not allowed (by law).

To connect to the server using MacOS:

  1. Press Apple - K in the Finder.
  2. Enter the server address: mmserve.cs.uow.edu.au (please enter the full address)
  3. Select StudentHome from the list of available shares.
  4. Enter your user name and password.
  5. You will find a folder for each subject taught in the lab, each containing a folder for each enrolled student. You only have access to specific folders.

To connect to the server using Windows:

  1. Log in to a lab machine (also works for staff and postgrad desktops on the INFORMATICS domain).
  2. Enter the following in to the URL bar of a window in Program Manager or Internet Explorer: \\mmserve.cs.uow.edu.au\StudentHome
Server name: mmserve.cs.uow.edu.au
Share name StudentHome
Protocols Appletalk and Samba (CIFS / Windows File Sharing)

The multimedia server can be accessed from anywhere on campus. Access from off campus is not available. If you want to take stuff home, burn a CD or use a USB or firewire drive.
Command line access
Currently only available admins and specific student groups.

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