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Using the Computer Laboratory Projectors


The projectors found in the building 3 computer labs are controlled using the following JED panel.


1. Turning on the projector

Press the green ON/SOURCE JED_ON button, and wait 60seconds for the projector to warm up.

NOTE: If the projector is still off proceed to Turning off the projector then return here.

2. Controlling the projector screen

The projector screen can be scrolled up or down using the following dial control.


3. Connecting the VGA cable

Connect the VGA cable from your computer/laptop to the VGA IBM plug.


4. Redirecting the laptop display to the projector

For Dell Latitudes press Fn+F8 and wait 5 seconds. Fn+F8 CRT/LCD Repeat until in the correct mode.

NOTE: There are 3 modes of operation for laptop display.
1. Display only to the laptop LCD.
2. Display to VGA output and Laptop LCD.
3. Display only to VGA output.

5. Turning off the projector

Press the red OFF JED_OFF button and the projector will cool down for 90 seconds then turn off. Once off the JED should reset and display "Project, ON to start".

Additional note, switching between VGA / Video

Once the projector is on if you need to change the displayed source, press the green ON/Source button to alternate between video and VGA(computer) input.


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