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Windows INFORMATICS Account


All users in Building 3 and Building 39 are members of the Informatics windows domain and as such log on to Windows using this account. The Windows INFORMATICS account is also known as the Informatics domain account.

The username is the same as your email userid. However the password is generally different to your email password.


The Windows INFORMATICS domain account is required for the following:

  • Windows staff and student desktops
  • Outlook Exchange Email - (Faculty office only)
  • Software Repository - (SITACS only)
  • Home Directories - (Faculty office and SITACS)
  • Windows lab access
  • Web Calendar access - (SITACS, INFORMATICS)
Changing Your Password

Logon to a windows machine, press Ctrl+Alt+Del, select Change Password.

Password Complexity Requirements

Tutorial power point slide.

All passwords require 3 of the follwing and must be at least 6 characters long:

  1. Uppercase letters
  2. Lowercase letters
  3. Numbers, and/or
  4. Punctuation

i.e. An acceptible password could be something like: ++Smile4$

Password Resets and Forgotten Passwords

Password resets can be achieved by visiting the IT Support staff group in building 3 or during help-desk times 9:30am to 10:30am daily at the INFORMATICS enquiry centre.


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