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Backup Configuration

Firstly computer hard disks do fail, laptops, Dell, Sony, Mac, whatever it is, it will happen, so please comply with the Universities policy on disaster recovery by configuring your backups.

Backups occur at logon and at 12 hour intervals during your login session once configured.

Users must logon using their Informatics account and be connected to the UOW wired (not wireless) network for backups to work.

Only essential data is backed up:

  • Domain profile
  • My Documents
  • Desktop
  • C:\Backup or D:\Backup or E:\Backup
  • Local email

Music files, ISO's, exe, temporary files and cache folders are NOT backed up.

First Time Configuration

Once IT Support has placed you in the correct group. Next time you logon to your staff desktop you will be prompted with the following:

Command-line Backup Procedure

Simply answer YES to the above question. The backups will start running, just minimize the window to let it complete in the background.

User Initiated Backups

When working on important projects sometimes initiating your own back is the safest way to ensure that you have a recent copy of any hard work. To initiate a backup yourself simply double click on the "Backup - User Initiated" icon on your desktop.

User-Initiated Backups

Verifying your Backups

Each user can only maintain up to 10GB of data. If you exceed this, backups will start failing and you will be notified during logon that you are over your quota.

To verify copies of data visit "My Computer" browse to "N:\Backup_?????\My Documents" etc.

WARNING: Do not place new documents in the N:\Backup_???? folder as this folder is maintained by the backup script. Changes made here will lost.


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